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Xy Eli is originally from Savannah, GA. The music started for Eli when he was a little boy in his grandfather's church. After his move to Hartford in 1967 Eli played with one of the most popular bands in town, "Tony Bowens and the Soul Choppers". In 1968 they won amateur night at The Apollo Theatre in NYC. Eli has played guitar for many years and his music style range from R&B, Rock, Blues and of course gospel. In the 80's Eli was the only black guitarist in Hartford playing in a 'punk' band, "The Repels". Latter part of the 80's he added XY to his name, he thought it would be slick to be called XY Eli. 'XY' is the male chromosome. He became this flamboyant front man.

With his unique sound, strong vocals and stage presence in 1999 Eli signed with Volume 4 Records and released his debut album "Come Into My World". Also in 1999 XY appears on "The Connecticut Blues Society" compilation CD titled "Local Flavor". Xy Eli's "Blues From The Streets" is another favorite CD.

XY Eli is always working on something new. When he is not touring, he can be found at The Artist Collective Performing Art School in Hartford, CT where he teaches blues guitar. In addition he works with their youth orchestra and enlightens students about the great blues artists such as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Hendrix and many more. XY Eli is a talent whose time has come.

"The XY Eli Band cranks out a powerful set filled with intense guitar, deep melodious vocals, flamboyant theatrics and an eye catching wardrobe adding to in your face rock originals."

-Concert Review: Journal Inquirer

"XY Eli Band has taken the blues out of the Mississippi delta and sent it to Mars. These bad boys are hooking up some cool lyrics and treat guitar licks for one smooth rocket ride into the future."

-Beef Stew: 106.9 WCCC  Hartford, CT

"Original is one word that describes the guys. A blues-funk-rap combo, XY Eli's style transcendsany genre, and incorporates influence from all over the globe. Eli's great arrangements, Red House's obvious Hendrix learning and rapper Knotty's smart punch work play make this band nothing short of killer."

- Connecticut Blues Society  



Back in the 70's Xy was one 'Cool' rocker and still is!